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All-Ukrainian Charity «Child Well-being Fund Ukraine» has been working in Ukraine since 1997. For the period of its existence Child Well-being Fund Ukraine has become one of the leaders in the sphere of development and implementation of the innovative programs aimed at improving the educational potential of families, mobilizing community resources to ensure the best interests of the child.

Mission: to ensure positive changes for creating an encouraging environment for disclosure of the full potential of every child in Ukraine.

Main goal: development and implementation of innovations into social work, community mobilization and development of the partnership to improve the living conditions of children and families.



  • Building up the capacity of communities to decrease poverty, to protect rights, and to address children, youth and family related issues;
  • Creating opportunities for people to have better control over their own health and the health of their children;
  • Enhancing parenting skills in Ukrainian families;
  • Implementing the principles and regulations of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child


For the years of its work the Fund has implemented more than 80 international projects aimed at solution of social problems, improving the living conditions of children, enhancing the quality of social services for children and families by the implementing effective, scientifically-grounded technologies and enhancing the potential of the civil society. The Fund always takes into account the principles and the priority directions of health promotion of the population, gender equality in its activities .

The Fund is one of the first NGOs that has become a partner of the state institutions in the training of specialists who work with children, in particular social workers and social pedagogues. The specialists of the Fund have prepared more than 150 publications, among them - teaching manuals, methodological materials, training modules; the programs for the extension courses (20) for practitioners of the social sphere have been developed and implemented. Methodological materials and manuals, issued by the Fund, are recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, State Social Service for Family, Children and Youth for the use in the respective establishments.


Vigorous and purposeful work, professionalism is a business card of Child Well-being Fund Ukrainian.

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